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About us


 At the beginning of 20th century, computer was invented and has been in a widespread use especially in the 90's with explosive internet revolution. Now, a community of networked computers is considered as a cyberspace, a medium for human communication and collaboration activities. Recently, with the advancement of embedded computing and networking devices, the physical space is being instrumented with smart sensors and actuators, here called as a smart physical environment (SPE). Furthermore, intelligent robots has been developed from simple mechanical device to an intelligent complex system with its own perception and motor skills to the point of bringing about physical services useful for the human whose context is made be aware by SPE. 

 The object of human interaction has been evolving from a simple mechanical device to a computer, cyberspace and more recently SPE as well as intelligent robots inhabiting SPE: human-SPE, human-robot, robot-SPE interactions, hence the subject of HCI & Robotics major. The students are expected to gain fundamental knowledge in major subjects of HCI and robotics fields such as immersive 3D virtual interaction, physical simulation, multimodal perception and interaction, robot perception and actuation, knowledge representation and reasoning among others. Then, they are expected to gain practical experience to meet the challenge of the future computing technology by participating in national projects in HCI & Robotics.


HCI and robotics engineering development and training global talent for creating new value of future society
Long-term development goals Academic 1. Training world-class HCI and robotic engineering talented individuals
2. Interdisciplinary research and specialized creative program development
3. Strengthen global ability through international exchanges
Research 1. Research of new interaction space in the future
2. Linked to external faculty for convergence areas
3. Revitalize characteristic convergence technology research
Strategies and Initiatives Academic 1. Excellent student selection/production and inspire self-confidence
2. Activation of visiting research in advanced domestic and international research center
3. Acquire and build state-of-the-art infrastructure for education
Research 1. Interdisciplinary fused and applied technology research
2. Customized/qualified training courses
3. Applying, propagating, and spreading interaction technologies in the current living space